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Friday, 29 December 2017

One simple reason why you have not lost weight and its not what you think!!

Find out what has been stopping you losing weight

Now that the Christmas Period is over a lot of peoples thoughts start to turn to the new year and making positive changes to both their diet and exercise. But before you do, have you considered if you are one vital ingredient missing that will make all the difference?

At this time of year, there are countless books, websites and yes blogs about weight loss all of which will promise you the secret to losing weight quickly and keeping it off forever. However, I have yet to read one that actually addresses the real reason why certain people fail to lose weight and keep it off and others have huge success and stay thin.

 In order to get to this reason let me ask you a question. Do you have a friend that appears to be able to eat whatever they want, whenever they want and never gain any weight? Or know someone who has stuck to one of the numerous fad diets, lost pounds in weeks? However, when you tried the same diet all that happened was you were hungry and never lost a pound.

Yes, what many diet gurus and experts never bother to consider is that everyone or rather everyone's brain is, wait for it.....completely different!!!  I know this is a real shocker and just as no two people look the same, most of us don't think the same either. So why is this so very important to losing weight?

Let's look at this another way, which kind of people eat only when they are genuinely hungry, stop when they are full and seldom eat between meals and find it easy to not binge eat or eat rubbish and exercise regularly? I will tell you, they are motivated, driven people who manage to lose weight and realise that keeping it off is a lifelong commitment.

So why can`t I keep up this motivation all year long like other people I hear you ask? The answer is actually very simple, we are all motivated to lose weight and stay healthy by different thoughts and feelings and this is why it is so hard for any weight loss guide to help you, as it does not know what stimulates you.

I recently saw a client who was able to give up binge eating by seeing a figure of herself looking lean and healthy. She actually said that he could not get out of her chair and get to the fridge as the image was so powerful. It was so powerful that she even stayed motivated to not binge eat over Christmas and continued to lose weight over the festive period. However, another client of mine was motivated by how they would feel putting on a new pair of jeans, that had previously not fit her. Yet another client was motivated by their partner telling them they looked great. Now, these are all great motivating factors but everyone who has come to see me for weight loss hypnotherapy has had just one thing that has kept them losing weight and exercising and the real secret is finding out what it is and then using that motivating factor to its greatest advantage.

Whenever I work with someone I will always find out what sort of person they are and whether they are motivated more by what they see, hear or feel.  Everyone is always surprised to find out where they mostly operate with their emotions and some people are equally stimulated by two more senses.
Then using NLP therapy and Hypnosis I help them to boost these new feelings both consciously and subconsciously so they remain motivated to achieve both their weight loss and fitness goals.

So before you start to find that new you, make sure that you have gotten to know who you really are and what is going to properly motivate you to lose weight and stay fit in 2018


If you have decided that it is finally time for you to take back control in 2018 and lose weight, then call me for a free consultation on 07919102191

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