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Hi I am Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach with my own private practice in Norwich. I have worked alongside and guided many people to achieve their goals, both personal and professional.

From weight loss, stopping smoking and improving your personal and business performance. Hypnotherapy and coaching can help you to progress and succeed.

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

How I discovered the real secret to long-term weight loss. It`s not about going on a diet or to the gym.

As a weight loss therapist, I always focus on what is effective and actually works to help people achieve their weight loss goals. So when I set out to create some brand new weight loss therapies. I wanted to create something which would actively promote easy and long-term weight loss. I decided to look at the bigger picture and focus on those who lost weight easily and kept it off.  This would not be not short-term weight loss where people would lose a few pounds and put it back on in a month.
I first noticed that my most successful weight loss clients were the ones who made small lasting changes. These clients saw the changes as a new lifestyle and not just a temporary fix or going on a diet. They were the people who wanted to change their lives and not just drop a few pounds before they went on holiday.  
Quite simply they did not see weight loss as a quick fix but approached it with a view to making a long-term and lasting change.
So I set about writing this brand new weight loss system based on my most successful client's experiences that had lost weight after visiting me. What I discovered was quite incredible and had a lasting effect, but not only on my clients but also on myself!!   
You see as I was researching and writing these new therapies I noticed that every day I was starting to change my own lifestyle and without making any effort I was starting to losing weight!!
 I certainly was not dieting nor did I join the gym!!  I was not even thinking about it consciously. The changes just came naturally and everyone was starting to notice how different I was looking. People were commenting on how much weight I had lost.   

So checking the scales I was surprised to find out that I had lost half a stone in 2 weeks and it stayed off!!  I was shocked as I was not even trying to lose weight, just living my life by these new lifestyle changes.

Then it occurred to me, as I was creating and reading these new therapies back to myself I had started to change my own thoughts and beliefs. These new beliefs helped make all of these unconscious changes to my own lifestyle. I realised that there was even more to long-term weight loss than I had considered. It was not just about food or exercise, it was about the way we thought and lived. My whole lifestyle changed almost overnight.
Suddenly it became clear why so many people were not able to lose weight or had lost weight and could not keep it off. They were holding the wrong thoughts about themselves and the whole idea of staying thin. It did not have to be painful or involve sweating in the gym. All I was doing was a daily walk and just making sure that I was staying active.
As I lost more weight I could see that it actually had less to do with food and exercise and a lot more to do with the thoughts I was holding. As we always make the changes to our thoughts first, you have to lose weight in your mind before you lose it in your body. The new therapies I was creating helped me to focus on several key areas of my life that I had not thought about for a while.

As I continued my work and research I realised that I had more and more energy and motivation to go out and do different things and achieve more. I was enthused to live a new lifestyle and I really wanted to stick to it.

Within a month I had lost over a stone!!

I was amazed as I had not been hungry, dieted or still set foot in a gym. All of the smaller changes that I had made to my mindset had set me off on a new path. I just wanted to live a healthy lifestyle now.

But here was the real surprise I maintained my new healthier weight and none of it went back on, I just stayed the same. I felt as though I had discovered some real long-term secrets to weight loss.

2. So what were the changes I made and how did it happen?
Ok first let me ask you a really important question about weight loss.
What is the same thing about every attempt you have ever made to lose weight and keep the weight off?
Is it Food? No, as we try fad diets
Is it Drink? No,
Is it Exercise? No, again we attempt the latest exercise craze time and time again and then give up.

I will tell you. The same thing about every diet and weight loss regime you have ever undertaken is…….YOU.
There is really only one reason why you have not made the permanent changes to your life that you would have liked. That reason is you, as you are still making the wrong choices and not living the correct lifestyle.
To make the changes, first, you have to change your unconscious beliefs about who you are, what you believe and how you can live every day.
It has to become a naturally unconscious way of life to lose weight, stay healthy and anyone can do it!!
Just imagine it like this. If you were attempting to learn a whole new language such as French and you decided to only spend 1 hour a week studying it. How long do you think it would take you to become fluent and conversational?  It would most likely take you a very long time and you would struggle to master it. But what if you actually went and lived in France, where you immersed yourself in the culture and lifestyle and everyone around spoke French. You would learn the language quicker and retain your ability to speak it as you were doing it every day.

The secret to long-term weight loss is the same as learning a new language. It is not something you practise, it is something you live. You have to immerse yourself in the lifestyle of a thinner and healthier person. 
The truth of the matter is that anyone at any age can lose weight this way and keep it off. You just need to start living a different life and holding some new beliefs and thoughts about food and being active. But most of all you need to create and hold onto some new thoughts and beliefs around yourself.
These changes are not something that you can get from a weight loss club, attending the gym or just stopping eating your favourite foods for 8 weeks.
These changes have to be made in the mind and affect every area of your life.
This is something that will stay with you and enable you to feel great about yourself and who you are. It will help you build a positive body image and keep motivated. This will enable you to live a completely new lifestyle.
Now you may have noticed how I keep stressing the word lifestyle that is because going on a diet does not work!!!!! Diets can provide you with a quick fix and you may lose some weight, but you will then find this weight will quickly go back on, the minute you stop dieting or attending the gym.
In order to really be successful with your long-term weight loss, you need to make permanent changes. These changes you need to make are just very small ones, which will help you obtain you your longer-term goals.
It works the same as the aeroplane theory. If you were an aeroplane starting out on a journey, if you changed your course by 1 degree at the start you would end up in a totally different part of the world.
So you only have to make a handful of small changes to your life to end up at your ideal weight and stay that way forever.  

3. So what stops us from losing weight?
Unfortunately, we do!!!  We are always the cause of all of our own issues, as we are in control of the choices and actions we take, we just choose to take the wrong ones.
Over the years we have programmed ourselves to do the wrong things, we tell ourselves the wrong stories and then we act upon them.
Have you ever noticed how an old belief or idea used to stop you doing something until you were told differently and then found that you could achieve what you wanted to? None of us gave up on talking or walking at an early age, did we? No, we gained a new belief that we could do it and suddenly our world changed.
You have to change the unconscious beliefs about who you are, what you believe and how you can live your life every day.
So after seeing the changes that my most successful weight loss client’s had made, I broke it down into 4 unconscious core principles. Then taking these core principles I devised 4 simple weight loss therapy sessions that help you to change your 4 principle unconscious principles and thoughts about losing weight.

4. The 4 unconscious principles that help us lose weight

 Session 1: How you see yourself and your goals
 Session 2: Making empowered choices every day
 Session 3: Overcoming old beliefs and obtaining new thoughts
 Session 4: Balancing and maintaining your new lifestyle
When you have these 4 unconscious principle beliefs working for you, you will find that you can start to live that healthy balanced new lifestyle.  But the changes have to be lasting and permanent, which is why you need to be living them consciously and unconsciously.
This is why those people who are unable to lose weight and attempt yo-yo dieting and fads make no long-term changes to their health and weight. They are not living the life of a thinner healthier person.

It does not actually matter what age you are or what your current weight is, making these changes will set you off on a new path that will give you the results that you want. 


Wednesday, 9 May 2018


Over the years I have worked with many people who have suffered from the effects of trauma and PTSD and I have been very proud to watch them gain resilience and recover. The work that I have done with military veterans has always held a special place for me.

So as a way of giving something back I will be reducing my fee for trauma or addiction work by 20% for any members of the Armed Forces community (Ex or current servicemen or woman)
My Father was an ex-serviceman and I have had many good friends over the years who have served their country in all branches of the forces.

We are fortunate in that we live in a time of relative peace and this peace is afforded us by those who serve in defence of our liberty and freedom.

Below is a brief explanation of PTSD and how I work alongside people to support them. 

Post-traumatic stress disorder or (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder. It is caused by distressing, stressful or frightening events that have become stuck in a repetitive cycle within a person’s mind. Someone who has PTSD may often relieve a past traumatic event through a flashback or nightmare. The wider reaching implications of PTSD can be insomnia, isolation, anger, lack of concentration or an inability to function within work or social settings. It has also lead many people into self-destructive patterns of behaviour resulting in alcohol and drug addiction. If left untreated PTSD can lead to further enduring, long-term poor mental health issues. 
Many believe PTSD is something that only military veterans suffer with after prolonged exposure to combat. But this is not the case as many people have visited me and been suffering from the symptoms of PTSD after a road accident, prolonged abuse (Physical, mental, or sexual) or a singular traumatic incident that has stayed with them.
The people who I have worked with over the years have found the effects of hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) very effective for reducing and in many cases eliminating the effects of PTSD. Within my NLP therapies, I use a proven technique developed by Dr Richard Bandler, which safely disassociates those suffering from the effects of trauma and allows them to find a safe and relaxed place of calm. The work I conduct is very similar to EMDR and CBT, but gets to the root cause more effectively and is also effective as it is a deep healing therapy.
If you believe that you may be suffering from the effects of PTSD please call me for a confidential chat. My telephone consultations are completely free of charge. 

Thursday, 3 May 2018

The best and most shocking reaction I have ever had to telling someone I was a Life Coach.

Why would I go for a life Coaching session again?

We have all heard the term Life coach or Business coach, but have we ever considered what they do. 

I was made to think about this last week when I was in the middle of Norwich and a business contact asked me for my mobile phone number. I gave her my business card and she read it with some fascination, as the card said Life Business Coaching and NLP practitioner on it.

Your and what!!!! she said and they do what again !!!!! she asked as if I had just stated that I was about to reverse who whole Brexit process single-handedly. 

I was going to present the lady with a list of the usual things that I help people to achieve, such as: Finding it easier to make decisions when they feel stuck, improving motivation and confidence, help with careers choice and progression, even personal and relationship issues that affect our lives. But then I stopped and instead started to tell her about my most recent clients

My clients had moved to Norfolk and settled in Norwich. Not having many contacts they wanted to start their own business but were not sure where to begin. Feeling lost they Googled ( Life and Business coaching in Norwich and found my website. 

They visited me and we began to discuss their lives and aspirations. After several sessions, they found some answers as to not only where they wanted to go with their life and new business venture, but also just how they were going to achieve it. 

I helped them to find their inner resources and how to tap into their personal power and obtain the confidence and motivation, to take those first few steps. 

Soon they were racing along their new life path and checking off goals as they went. On their last session, I asked them what they felt they had achieved. They looked at me and smiling said: Finding the ability to make a change and enjoying the freedom that it brings. 

When I had finished telling the lady this story, she just looked at me and said “WOW, I totally get it, you help people to fix their own, we will change the word for the sake of this post to "STUFF"!!

Yes, I replied I help people to find ways to fix their own "STUFF" :) 

 It was sometime after when I was thinking about her last that the importance of explaining to someone just how you can help, is so much more important than explaining, what you do and how you do it.

If you would like help any area of your life, please call me for a telephone consultation on 07919102191


Jason Edwards

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