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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Removing your fears will set you free, but do you know what you are really scared of?

We tend not to dwell too much on those things that scare us, do we?
But have you ever wondered how much happier and successful we would be if we did? Most people are not even aware of those things in life that they are scared of and potentially hold them back and stop them doing in life that they most desire.

 I think everyone can identify something that they are scared of, heights, deep water, spiders. The list is endless and working as a hypnotherapist I have helped people overcome all manner of fears and phobias, from the very common fear of flying and spiders, right down to someone who had a fear of people with green eyes. Most of the time there are not always rational explanations for our fears. Psychology suggests that we are only born with maybe one or two fears (loud noises and falling) all of the others have to be learned and boy do we learn them and hold on to them.

We can always identify a risk that is attached to certain fears such as a fear of heights is attached to someone not wishing to fall and hurt themselves, however we don`t ever call it a fear of falling or even a fear of hitting the ground, no we choose to verbally associate the fear and label it a fear of heights. I once asked a client if they would be more or less fearful of driving on a motorway if we actually called the fear something different. So we spoke about her fear and she said that what she was actually scared of was things getting out of hand when she drove. I pressed her further to tell me more and she said I am scared of driving on a motorway if something happens like there is an accident and I have to stop and help someone. I asked her if she felt this was likely to happen or if it had ever happened to her before and she said no, but watched lots of reality TV shows and there were always accidents on motorways and she had seen one where a man went through a window and cut his face and there was blood everywhere. I could see where this was leading to so we spoke even further about the accident and she really went into great detail about what it would do to her if she ever encountered this.  I then set about asking her a few other questions that enabled her to look at the situation differently and she had a light bulb moment. I am not scared of driving she said I am scared of blood!!!. After that it was a case of collapsing some old associations and creating some new ones around what was the real cause of concern for her, seeing someone bleeding and not knowing what to do about it. Her fear of driving on the motorway was not actually real. However, she was very concerned about being in a situation where someone was bleeding and not being able to help them.

This is actually common and we can often label our fears incorrectly and sometimes we are not even aware why we make certain decisions and display behaviours that are damaging to our careers or personal lives. I once worked with a very successful solicitor who found success late in life after dealing with a work-related fear. When she first came to see me she told me that for years she was fearful of completing tasks and sending emails. After nearly losing her job for repeatedly failing to complete her work correctly she had to sit down with her boss and tell him that the reason she was falling behind was that she was scared of being shouted at and laughed at by him. Unfortunately, when she told him this, he laughed. He did not mean to and actually, she had created a self-fulfilling prophecy. Her boss quickly apologised had said the reason he had found it so funny was he had always seen her as such a strong person and would never dream of shouting at a colleague.  He suggested that she seek some sort of therapeutic help to see if things changed for her, which was how she found herself sat in a room with me. Using hypnosis I was able to regress her back to an early period of her life when as a little girl she had been shouted at by a male teacher after handing in a piece of work and was so scared that she wet herself on the spot and had been laughed at by her whole class. When her Mother came to collect her from school instead of offering support and care, she was further chastised and shouted at. So easy to understand where her fear of being shouted at had come from. Fortunately, it was something that I was able to help her with using hypnotherapy and NLP.

It is always worth exploring every area of our lives when we feel that we would like to grow and develop in and sometimes the most unexpected things arise from this, from people not being able to lose weight for fear of looking good and receiving attention from members of the opposite sex, to people in the business world having a fear of being successful as they were told when they were young that nobody likes rich successful people. So the next time you encounter something that scares you, are you really scared of this, or is there something else lying beneath.

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Do you really need therapy or do you need a coach?

So, when is a therapist not a therapist?
 When they are a life coach and more to the point just what is the difference? Well for me, it is quite easy to answer as I am both a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Life and Business Coach. Whenever I meet anyone for the first time and tell me they need help with their lives my first thoughts always go towards if there is anything within someone's past that they need to deal with, or are they stuck at a crossroads and need help moving forward. That can let me know very early on the type of help and work that I will be doing with them. For example, all of my clients who come to me with anxieties, fear of phobias have something that they will need to deal with from their past. As opposed to a CEO who is agonising over which direction to take her company next, who would be clearly coming to see me for business coaching.

But what happens when you are stuck with past issues, but also want to move forward with your goals? To explain how best to deal with knowing if you need a coach or a therapist you really need to sit and work through a Life Plan Pathway in order to find what steps you need to take first in order to achieve your goals. You see its very important when you are looking to make any improvements in your life that you tackle the correct issues and in the correct order. For if you fail to do so and do not deal with those things that have been holding you back first then your always going to struggle to move forward. For example, a successful weight loss client of mine had struggled her whole life to lose the weight that she had wanted, as she kept lapsing back into old habits and could not work out why. At the same time, she set herself some goals to go to the gym every day in order to burn calories. Unfortunately hard as she worked she made no progress and found herself binge eating then fasting and then working hard at the gym only to find that she was losing no weight. We sat and worked through a Life Pathway Plan and shaped it around everything to do with weight loss and pretty soon realised that there were a number of past issues that needed to be dealt with regarding her thoughts on self-image and her beliefs around thin people.

 After two hypnotherapy sessions she had dealt with these issues and it was time to move forward with diet and exercise goals. This time it was a different story and all of her hard work started to pay off and she dropped 2 dress sizes, as she had dealt with her eating issues and remained motivated to work hard at the gym. After a while, my client returned to me as she was doing so well, that she wanted to run a marathon and knew that she would need to break down her goals and had decided that Coaching would help her. So we met again and re-contracted and this time we worked on a diet and exercise regime that allowed her to start running longer and longer distances while still juggling a busy career and social life.

If you are struggling over a decision or need to move forward with any of your goals and desires and feel that you are stuck, contact me and we can book a free telephone consultation and discover just how you will make a positive difference to your life.

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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Hypnotherapy to boost your mental performance.

Recently there has been an increase in people looking online into Nootropic medication to boost their brain power. There are now numerous sites, someone of which look very suspicious and will happily sell you supposedly brain boosting medication, without knowing anything about your history and not all of which appears to have been thoroughly tested to safe standards. From looking at these sites they appear to offer various pills that claim to be able to increase everything from confidence, fitness, recall, motivation to giving you improved socialising and verbal interaction skills. I would personally love to know how a pill could achieve all of that in one go.  While I am sure there are always personal gains to be made in our mental performance from maintaining good health through exercise, nutrition and emotional stability of which vitamins play a part. But my experience as a therapist and performance coach has taught me that positive self-belief and personal development are far more effective than relying on mood-altering medication, which many have found can give you quite harmful negative side effects.

 This idea of a mythical brain boosting pill is not a new idea. I first became aware of the idea of being able to improve recall, focus and our retention when I first saw the Bradly Cooper movie Limitless. For those who have not seen the film, Bradly coopers deadbeat character takes a tablet called NZT that allows him to have access to 100% of his brain and turns him into the best version of himself overnight.

The idea fascinated me and I watched the film several times and broke down the process into several key areas of improvement in order to improve my own capabilities. I very quickly found that through using a combination of coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP techniques, focus, ability to read situations and people, recall and motivation could be rapidly increased but without the help of medication.

At the same time I started developing this idea and working on this process I had started a new career in clinical health which required me to work and study long hours while I was also studying privately and working as a therapist. I knew that this amount of work would require me to work at optimum performance and the performance techniques that I developed allowed me to improve my focus, motivation whilst improving my ability to connect with people and gain a greater understanding of their needs. This set me on the pathway of self-development and since this time I have always been interested in performance development and I today I continue to use these techniques to work with people when they feel that they need a boost to any areas of their lives.

The problems that I have found with people who have become reliant on performance boosting pills is that while they may have a strong belief in the medication,  they are failing to address the other areas of their lives that lead them to seek out the medication in the first place. We all have capabilities that can be improved through increased focus and taking greater responsibility for our situation so while a tablet may potentially give someone a buzz and release of energy, if you are still not addressing the correct area of your work or emotional state that is holding you back, you might as well be a fast moving car, traveling in totally the wrong direction.

The techniques I have developed will not only help provide that deeper level of concentration and relaxation, whilst giving you a greater sense of focus and self-motivation. They will also help you analyse with precision, just what and where you need to give your attention to in order to develop.

The debate and people reliance on Nootropic medication and its various side effects may continue for some time. However reducing your stress levels and increasing your confidence, your ability to work longer and harder and achieve greater results can be obtained through performance coaching and hypnotherapy. Once more coaching looks to provide you will all of the tools that will empower you and leave you with a greater level of long-term self-reliance all without a monthly repeat subscription

I have worked with a number of clients from medical and law students who find themselves struggling to stay focused on their studies. To athletes who wish to obtain a great awareness and motivation in order to improve their ability on the field. These sessions can even help give your career a well-needed boost if you are struggling to move forward and want to take the next step up the corporate ladder. If you would like to know how I could help you with a bespoke performance coaching and hypnotherapy session, please contact me for a free telephone consultation.

Saturday, 14 October 2017

To Vape Or Not to Vape

Is this really the way to STOP, smoking?

There has been so much written recently about vaping and whether it is harmless or eventually leads to a more serious nicotine addiction. I have met with several clients who decided that it was an easier route to kicking their smoking habit, only to then find themselves lapsing back into their old ways and smoking tobacco again. 

 While the jury is still out on vaping regarding health, as the long-term scientific data is just not available, the law and society view vaping the same as cigarettes and it remains illegal to vape indoors or crowded areas. 

So let us look at why vaping has become the great delusion of smokers. The problem with vaping at the moment is that it is still seen as a popular or lighter alternative to smoking. Vaping comes in a wide range of flavours that have exotic names. Some even boast to have fruit extracts within them and this is reinforced with bright, healthy-looking packaging. Now, let us not pretend that people are not drawn into marketing and advertising because we all are and again this is a huge softener to vaping as opposed to smoking. Compare your average trendy looking vape shop to buying cigarettes from a supermarket. Vape shops can boldly advertise their products and sell sleek looking machines and some even often vaping bars where people go to meet, chat and vape. But if you want to buy 20 cigarettes from a supermarket they are hidden away out of sight behind a barrier and you have to request a member of staff to unlock it before you can even see if they have your brand. When you go through this process you are then presented with a blank box that carries a warning bigger than the label and a picture of a tar filled lung or someone who has throat cancer. So easy to see why people are making the choice to vape.  

 However, when we strip away all of the marketing and the vaping culture from the perspective of anyone wishing to quit cigarettes for good, vaping as a method to reduce smoking just does not work and after a fashion people find themselves drifting back into smoking as its only a small step sideways. Why? well even if you are vaping you are still failing to get to the source of the issue of your addiction. You see for anyone who smokes or vapes it is about a habit and the thoughts in your head that drives you to a negative set of behaviours that if left unchecked will become that poor and damaging habit. So the result of swapping one addiction for another fails to get to the root cause of the behaviour, even removing that addiction would just leave a need or desire to find another habit until the distorted belief that drives a person towards it is dealt with.

 I have been working with smokers now for over 8 years and every single person who has come to see me at my practice in Norwich and successfully stop smoking has had their own unique reasons and set of beliefs around smoking and why they did it. I guarantee you that every one of you who currently finds themselves within the grip of an addiction could easily overcome that addiction within 90 minutes if you only had enough motivation, held different beliefs and looked at your world differently and could change your language. Yes if only it were that simple I hear you say, well the truth is that it is that simple after all how did you get to this point in your life right now, by the thoughts you choose to hold, your beliefs and how you wish to respond to them. 

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