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Hi I am Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach with my own private practice in Norwich. I have worked alongside and guided many people to achieve their goals, both personal and professional.

From weight loss, stopping smoking and improving your personal and business performance. Hypnotherapy and coaching can help you to progress and succeed.

As a hypnotherapy trainer and coach, I have also spent many years helping to develop many other local therapists with their, Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching skills. I offer a completely free telephone consultation. Make that call today to find out what we can achieve. 07919102191


Wednesday, 20 February 2019


When you have finished reading this post, please give it a like and a share, as it may save someone vulnerable from being taken advantage off or worse.
In the last 24 hours, I have had 2 major concerns within the therapeutic community. The first was when I was contacted by a young lady who asked me how many sessions she would need to help her with a nail-biting habit. I informed her this would take only 1 session, or 2 if I found any underlying issues within the first session. She then informed me that another therapist told her that she would need between 3 and 6 sessions. They told her this without even meeting with her!!! I offer a weight loss package that deals with all arear`s of health, weight loss, motivation and that is only 4 sessions.
The second concern came about when someone who required very specialist help was faced with a bewildering array of therapists all offering their services to deal with a specific concern. Many of the theses therapists would have lacked the required care and clinical background to help and support this person with the required changes.
Several weeks ago I put up a post outlining the good qualities that you should be looking for within a therapist and over 3000 people within the Norfolk area read it alone. I think that it is again worth going over some of the things you should be looking for when hiring any kind of therapist.
1. Quality of their training. I was lucky and trained under the most qualified person within the county. The training that I received was over 12 months and I have to face a vetting process before they would even take me on. I had standards of excellence to achieve and reach. I had papers to submit and a constant appraisal of my skills through live sessions, best practise groups and cases. Before I could practise I had to have all of my written case notes, standards and learnings presented and passed before a governing body. I also had to present and pass a live session with 2 assessors. I am not ashamed to admit that was daunting and not everyone was successful. So please be aware of those who have a certificate that was obtained in a very short time.
2. Background. Now not everyone can have a medical or clinical background and for certain issues that may not always be necessary. But please be aware when dealing with the subconscious mind, you are dealing with that part of your brain that carry’s all of your memories both good and bad and for the inexperienced, it is a psychological minefield. I have a 10-year background within the clinical world, care and mental health and I was fortunate to receive excellent mental health training to conduct this work. I pride myself on good clinical excellence and being able to deal with more challenging psychological concerns.
3. Professional approach to their work. I often hear strange tales from people telling me that therapists have asked then to meet them in out of area locations, not even working where they claim. Or when they have arrived, the therapy was conducted in a lean too; a friends bedroom and someone told me they have visited therapists who work from an outdoor shed!!! Therapy is all about feeling relaxed and opening up your mind. To do this, you need to feel comfortable and relaxed and know that someone`s dog or family member is not going to walk in halfway through the session. I have a dedicated therapy area that is warm, comfortable and relaxing. It is within a safe location and there is safe off road parking. I choose the location, so people could leave and attend discreetly and feel calm and relaxed within the session. I also work within the area that I advertise on my website. 4. Ethical standards. Within my first ever therapy lesson, I was taught one thing that has always remained with me “Do, no harm” Therapy is not just about qualifications, it is also about adopting the correct attitude to those who choose to come and visit me. It is about caring for those who need help, ensuring they are provided with the correct therapy and putting their emotional and mental health first. I always end my therapy sessions with my clients by asking them if they felt the session was of value and if they “wish” they can choose to return.
I have never told anyone that they will “Need” 4 -6 sessions and I always warn anyone please be aware of who tells you that you do. If I see someone and they feel that 1 or 2 sessions were all it took, I could not be happier. If anyone ever tells you that you need numerous sessions without having met you and conducted a session, I would love to know how they are aware that this many sessions are required. I do offer packages such as weight loss as this is a major area of our lives and it is never about food so there will be more than one area to work on. Smoking can be stopped within a 90 minutes session. Recently I did two 60 minute sessions for a client which effectively allowed them to reduce their stress and anxiety levels so they were able to return to work. It did not take 6 or 8 sessions. Any therapist that conducts more sessions than is necessary is working out of integrity.
So if you are thinking of using any therapist, please check the above areas and ensure they offer a free consultation and do not charge you for this as part of your therapy, consultations are free. Also, make sure they have good referrals and have a solid background within the area you require.
If you know of anyone who is considering any kind of therapeutic support please pass this on to them and give it a like and a share, you may be saving someone vulnerable from being taken advantage of.
Kind regards Jason Edwards HYPN DIP MNLP

Wednesday, 6 February 2019


I have just had one of the most incredible emails ever from one of my first every Hypnotherapy clients.
In the email, he reminded me that he came to see me nearly 10 years go to help him stop smoking. After a 90-minute hypnotherapy session with me, he stopped and never started again.
But what is even more incredible is that he calculated that in the last 10 years he saved over £27,000!!!!!!!!!
Even I was blown away by this £27,000, that is an absolutely staggering figure. I often talk to people about the cost of cigarettes to their health and wallet and I do a rough calculation, but this guy had really done the maths. He told me that the figures were correct as he put the money away and saved it in a separate account. He actually just set up another account and had the money filter in each month. He was smoking between 25-30 cigarettes a day and when he came to see me, it was starting to affect his health. He recalled that when he met me that he was not that bothered at the time about the financial saving. His focus was on still being around for his wife and children in 10 years and after giving up he is still here and much the richer as well.
So how do I help people to stop? Most of the time we will never give up something negative as we do not fear the consequences of it. We feel that it is too far away, so we do not bother about what will happen if we carry on smoking or not taking care of our health. This will then cause a huge lack of motivation on our behalf, as we may hold the thought “Yes I might get cancer, but that will be when I am old”. As you can see, here lays one of the main reasons for not stopping smoking. The negative consequences are just not a reality for you.
Now in life we are controlled by two emotions (Please and pain) we move towards those things that we perceive are pleasurable and away from those things that we perceive as painful. So when a negative thought about smoking rears its head, we either ignore it or shout it down. We also cannot even entertain a positive thought about stopping smoking either so people become stuck, not able to move forwards or backwards and then see continuing to smoke as the only answer. Some people may attempt a substitute (Vaping anyone) but this always just leads back to smoking.
The reason I have such a high and long-lasting success rate is that I use a powerful therapy technique where I take your conscious and subconscious brain to those places you do not always want to venture. Now that may sound a little daunting, but with smoking, you have very few alternatives. As another successful client once said to me, it should say on your webpage “If you come and see me, you are going to change”
Within my non-smoking package, I offer people a chance to see and live the alternatives and this has a huge effect on the mind and the decision-making process. If you actually knew and felt how good it was to give up smoking or lose weight, you would start to do everything you could to move towards that new you. Have you ever worked hard on something and started to see and feel the difference and it really spurred you on to keep going? That is the effect that I gave you within my one hypnotherapy sessions. I help to create those positive emotions and bring the reality of being a non-smoker into your conscious brain. So Instead of being controlled by pleasure and pain, I help people to make them work for them so they can take back control of their minds and their lives.
Just to end this blog, as a point of interest I have just been on a calculation site that shows how much you can save if you stopped smoking today.
If you smoke between 20 and 25 cigarettes a day and you gave up today in 10 years you would save around £54,750!!!!!! (UK GOV Source) You may have your reasons to carry on, but I can think of 54,750 reasons to stop.
Always remember 10 years may seem a long way off, but in 1999 so did 2019. You will get to 2029, and wouldn’t it be better to get there with a healthy body and an extra £54,000