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Saturday, 14 October 2017

To Vape Or Not to Vape

Is this really the way to STOP, smoking?

There has been so much written recently about vaping and whether it is harmless or eventually leads to a more serious nicotine addiction. I have met with several clients who decided that it was an easier route to kicking their smoking habit, only to then find themselves lapsing back into their old ways and smoking tobacco again. 

 While the jury is still out on vaping regarding health, as the long-term scientific data is just not available, the law and society view vaping the same as cigarettes and it remains illegal to vape indoors or crowded areas. 

So let us look at why vaping has become the great delusion of smokers. The problem with vaping at the moment is that it is still seen as a popular or lighter alternative to smoking. Vaping comes in a wide range of flavours that have exotic names. Some even boast to have fruit extracts within them and this is reinforced with bright, healthy-looking packaging. Now, let us not pretend that people are not drawn into marketing and advertising because we all are and again this is a huge softener to vaping as opposed to smoking. Compare your average trendy looking vape shop to buying cigarettes from a supermarket. Vape shops can boldly advertise their products and sell sleek looking machines and some even often vaping bars where people go to meet, chat and vape. But if you want to buy 20 cigarettes from a supermarket they are hidden away out of sight behind a barrier and you have to request a member of staff to unlock it before you can even see if they have your brand. When you go through this process you are then presented with a blank box that carries a warning bigger than the label and a picture of a tar filled lung or someone who has throat cancer. So easy to see why people are making the choice to vape.  

 However, when we strip away all of the marketing and the vaping culture from the perspective of anyone wishing to quit cigarettes for good, vaping as a method to reduce smoking just does not work and after a fashion people find themselves drifting back into smoking as its only a small step sideways. Why? well even if you are vaping you are still failing to get to the source of the issue of your addiction. You see for anyone who smokes or vapes it is about a habit and the thoughts in your head that drives you to a negative set of behaviours that if left unchecked will become that poor and damaging habit. So the result of swapping one addiction for another fails to get to the root cause of the behaviour, even removing that addiction would just leave a need or desire to find another habit until the distorted belief that drives a person towards it is dealt with.

 I have been working with smokers now for over 8 years and every single person who has come to see me at my practice in Norwich and successfully stop smoking has had their own unique reasons and set of beliefs around smoking and why they did it. I guarantee you that every one of you who currently finds themselves within the grip of an addiction could easily overcome that addiction within 90 minutes if you only had enough motivation, held different beliefs and looked at your world differently and could change your language. Yes if only it were that simple I hear you say, well the truth is that it is that simple after all how did you get to this point in your life right now, by the thoughts you choose to hold, your beliefs and how you wish to respond to them. 

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