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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Get over any Fear and reduce anxiety instantly.

There is brand new research from MIT university in America that proves that anyone can overcome any fear and reduce anxiety in an instant.

It is actually nothing new and I have been teaching it to coaching and hypnotherapy clients for years as all of our fears really all come down to one thing!

In life when you get up and go out you usually have a general expectation of what is going to happen. You drive the same route, meet the same people and do the same job. However, within each day, you can't specifically know and plot every minute of your day and this is where fear creeps in.

Let me explain further. Imagine you are a work and suddenly you are called into a meeting with your whole team. No one has any idea of what is about to happen or why you are there. The Head of the department walks in with the finance manager and the CEO. They tell you all to take a seat and that they have a very important message and they won't keep you long.

Now be honest if this happened how many of you would be thinking, "wow this is exciting, its bound to be brilliant news". I can't wait to hear how this is going to alter and enrich my life in a positive way? No, what you will actually do is think the worst and fear for your job. This is because everyone's fears are all rooted in one thing, the unknown!!. No matter what you are scared of I guarantee that what is actually scaring you is not knowing what is going to happen in any given circumstance or event and we find that quite terrifying.

Now the problem is that fear is a real killer, it kills opportunities, relationships, potential sales, moral and all of your life chances. For when we become gripped by fear, we become inactive and do nothing rather than face a fear of an unknown future.

However, there is a really simple and easy solution that will flip any fear on its head in an instant.
Have you ever acted out of total certainty, done something that you were sure was going to work out and carried it through with total confidence? Of course, you have, as most of the things that we do each day have a level of certainty about them. Certainty is one of the human givens and without it, we would probably just lay in bed all day watching telly fearing that anything we did would result in a tragic circumstance. We get up, get dressed walk to the shops, go to work, eat, drive all because we are reasonably certain that we will get a positive outcome. So you could say that our confidence comes from us being secure in all the facts and us holding a belief in a positive outcome of our actions. We even become so good at this that we don't even think about most activities and just act unconsciously knowing that putting one foot in front of the other will get us where we want to go.

So why do we have fears? well, this is when our unconscious mind focuses on uncertainties with any future outcomes that we plan. Sometimes this is good an protects us, but a lot of the time it just keeps holding us back. Now while we need a level of fear to keep us safe, as a society we have become massively over cautious and see fears everywhere and create ones that do not exist, just to prevent us from taking action. We have become risk-averse and it is making us more and more anxious to take those bolder actions that will often bring us all the rewards in life.

That said its actually a really simple to overcome any fear and it only takes 2 steps. 1 something that I call fearless planning and 2 possibly the biggest issue that everyone has, which is taking action!!!!!

Now if we choose to plan something out and seeing it going well as appose to us failing, we are going to start believing that we could make it happen and not only succeed in our action but also enjoy the activity which we once found scary. Go ahead think of something that you would really like to do, that you have previously been too scared to do and see it going really well. Just see the event happening, see yourself succeeding at this and then see the event happening through your own eyes. It feels different now doesn't it. What you have just done is started to reprogram your brain to be confident in a way that it never was before. We have created a whole new neural pathway and your unconscious will hang on to this.

That done, now you need to take action. Just make any small step towards whatever it was that you previously feared, but whatever you do take action. Now here is the real secret to beating your fears. Your brain can only focus on one thing at a time, so when you start to take action and focus on the event, you can't actually be scared of it anymore as you are not focusing on it. To be scared of something you have to actually consciously think of being scared of it,  once you are consciously in the act of doing, you cannot be scared as your conscious action reduces the fear. Just think back to the first time that you got behind the wheel of a car or walked across a room to talk to a member of the opposite sex you liked. As soon as you started changing gears, looking for other cars or engaged a person in conversation so stopped being scared as you were focusing on the event, not your fears. Always remember risk and danger is real, but fear is something you create in your own head.

So the next time you really want something in life, whatever it just sees it going well and then take action.


If you have decided that its finally time for you to take back control in 2018 and get the better of your fears and anxieties, then call me for a free consultation on 07919102191 or visit my website.


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